WSH Land, Inc. offers a comprehensive portfolio of land management and field land services across the domestic United States. WSH is comprised of a corporate management team and key petroleum landmen and right-of-way agents that continuously demonstrate the knowledge and skills demanded by our clientele in providing successful on-time and on-budget services.
WSH was formed in 1999 when three successful land businesses, each with complimentary specializations, joined together by combining their knowledge, expertise and resources to form a superior land brokerage entity. Our growth has been steady, selective and controlled, ensuring that each project is staffed with the best talent available. Our roster of project managers, crew chiefs, petroleum landmen, right-of-way agents and support staff have all been recruited for their demonstrated proficiency in each of their professional disciplines. This combination has helped WSH evolve into a firm known for its wide range of experience and quality work product.
WSH and its key professionals have amassed an impressive clientele, including Energy Companies, Pipeline Companies, Telecommunications Companies, Public Utilities, Law Firms, Commercial Real Estate Groups, and Investment Banking Entities.
Whether the client's needs are for an experienced individual or a professionally managed crew of petroleum landmen or right-of-way agents, WSH commands the personnel resources to fill those needs. Our varied experiences have enabled WSH to assemble a network of reputable, diversified landmen and agents spread across the lower 48 states. These capabilities are complimented by an in-house support staff offering GIS and project specific mapping, and related project support services.
The goal of WSH is to provide quality land work, based on experience and an eye toward detail.