Kelly Brockman, RPL
Project Manager

Kelly Brockman, RPL Project Manager

"Kelly" was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but did not stay long due to his father's career as a Petroleum Engineer. The family moved around to many of the Oil Field's "Boomtowns" which included Casper, Wyoming; Alice, Texas; Midland, Texas; and Corpus Christi, Texas. Most of his childhood centered around South Texas, which proved to be a big influence in his college career, starting in 1975 in the Business School of Southern Methodist University and then continuing from 1976 - 1980 through the BBA Petroleum Land Management Program of the University of Texas, Austin. Kelly began his first job as a Petroleum Landman in June of 1980 as a contract field landman for Stesco, Inc. In 1981 he became an employee of Jayco Resources, Inc., where he worked until the bust of 1986. At that time and for the next six years, he worked as an independent landman (contractor) for Jayco and as a Field Project Manager for US Sprint on a national level. From 1992 to 2004 he owned and operated a restaurant (for six years), and then worked in sales of investment projects with gross values in excess of a million dollars. In 2005, realizing that his heart was in the field land work, he re-entered his career as a field landman with WSH. He has worked primarily as a Project Manager on projects for many different clients. These projects have varied in size from ten field landmen to as many as eighty-six. Kelly is currently a Registered Professional Landman and has acquired an extensive geographic work area that includes: Alabama; Arizona; California; Louisiana; Michigan; Mississippi; New Mexico; Ohio; and Texas. Kelly is a family man with a great wife who is instrumental in supporting and helping him be one of the best field landmen possible. He has two grown children and two grandchildren. His three favorite pastimes are golf, cycling and snow skiing. Kelly is an active member of American Association of Professional Landmen and the Fort Worth Association of Professional Landmen.