WSH has in-house GIS mappers with the knowledge and experience to generate scalable project maps that are tailored to each client’s specifications. The mapping staff is able to tie any reporting methods to project specific maps. WSH’s mapping department utilizes state-of-the-art software, such as ArcView, and is prepared to create, update, or manipulate any map to meet the client’s project needs.

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An abbreviated list of services offered by the firm is as follows:
  • Geoprocessing including data creation, conversion, analysis and more
  • Link maps to databases
  • Mineral and surface title research
  • Provide customized datasets in shapefile and other formats
  • Aerial photo and raster overlays
  • Professional hard copy maps
  • Digital maps in PDF and other formats
  • Leasehold mapping
  • Mineral and surface title ownership maps
  • Drillsite and unit maps
  • Right-of-way mapping
  • Seismic maps
  • Due diligence (mapping of assets in various formats)